Gold Loans


Interest will be charged on the period held with us. The period is Below 30 Days, Below 90 Days, Below 180 Days, Below 270 Days and Below One Year. Interest will be charged @ monthly rests and also interest will be calculated every month on Diminishing value of the loan outstanding amount. After due is over 2% penalty interest will charged until closure of the loan. After one month of the due date gold loan , the process will be begun for auctioning the Gold ornaments to public.

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  • Chanakya Multipurpose Mutually Aided Co-operative Society Limited , Prakash Nagar, Rajahmundry, East Godavari Dist, AP.
    Address: H.O: # 74-9-10, Old Andhrabank Building, Prakash Nagar, RAJAHMUNDRY-533 103.

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Recurring Deposit Scheme


The scheme is suitable to persons having monthly income. The period is 6 month to 72 months. Interest is quarterly cumulative.